All too often I meet small business owners that do not have a marketing and advertising budget. They are living by the knee jerk reaction campaign theory…when business is down they throw a chunk of money at some facebook & instagram ads expecting their customers to come pouring back in! When business is good they attribute their businesses well being to any and everything they have touched, except for advertising.

The reality is that your current customers as well as your potential customers have to see a consistent ad campaign several times before it resonates….TOMA (Top Of Mind Awareness). The way to achieve this is to set an advertising budget, no matter how big or small, and plan out your ad placements frequency & platforms before the month begins. We recommend 8-10% of your businesses gross income should be dedicated to your marketing budget. Some businesses are in the beginning stages of opening and simply can not afford 8-10%. To those of you in this position we recommend that you dedicate a smaller budget to marketing. If you are too busy of a business owner to monkey around with your advertising then that’s where companies like mine come into play. We can create, plan, manage and analyze all of your businesses marketing efforts.