What is TOMA? Top of mind awareness is a marketing principle that focuses attention on being omni present in your advertising campaigns. In todays ever so diverse world of advertising media and medium there is no excuse for your target customer not to see your campaign. I advise all of my clients to distribute there marketing and advertising funds across several platforms rather than sinking all of their budget into one advertising media.

Many have forgotten about traditional marketing and advertising platforms such as radio, tv and print. However, you must remember that if you are to be omni present, traditional platforms are a great compliment to digital media. Top of mind awareness is not about spending so much money on advertising that you over extend your cognitive welcome to your potential client. Have just enough presence amongst all of the clutter so that when your potential customer is ready to make a purchase they can remember your ad campaigns. Patience and delayed gratification are key when it comes to setting up your ad campaigns. Not all customers are low enough into The Purchasing Funnel that your ad will persuade them one way or another. However your ads should be informative and memorable enough that when they are ready they come to you.